September Salmon Trips

Warfighter Dave has been putting on a clinic for Salmon fishing this Fall. This Saturday and Sunday we have 2 more trips on Eventbrite. If you have been on a trip already this year, please do not sign up. Trying to make sure everyone who has been trying to get out can.

Last minute salmon trips just posted.

ODFW has graced us with 3 more days of salmon fishing on the Columbia river. We understand there are a lot of people being evacuated and are on stand by to be evac`d. We are more than able to get someone back to the ramp ASAP if they are in need to leave early. The numbers going over Bonniville are very good right now and Warfighter Dave has been able to get limits for people every trip out so far.

Sign up on EventBrite via the links below. The days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Elk meat donations in Bend this Saturday.


This post is to inform you that the elk meat donated to Warfighter Outfitters is going to be handed out to those in need on 090520 at the Bend, Oregon Sportsman’s Warehouse parking lot between 0800 and 1200 hours (or until it’s gone).

The address for this location is 63482 NW Hunnel Road, Bend, OR 97703. Please look for our Warfighter Outfitters rigs in the parking lot. When you arrive the meat will be frozen and in the form of wrapped cuts of various shapes and sizes. Based on the expressed interest I am not sure how much we will be able to get to folks and that will be taken into consideration upon their arrival.

Please have some form of past/present military ID on hand such as a DD214, VA ID Card, State DL with Veteran verification.

We would love to be able to help everybody but we are not able to ship anything as we are a donation based 501c3 NPO.

There will likely be a second event similar to this in the future once we are able to get time to grind burger meat up. Keep an eye out on the WFO FB page for this.

Thank you for all the responses and THANK YOU for your service,

Warfighter Outfitters

Columbia River Gorge Salmon Fishing

Warfighter Outfitters is proud to announce we will be hosting 2 separate salmon fishing trips this Friday and Saturday.  We are unfortunately getting a very short fishing season this year. These will be highly sought after spots so please do not sign up with out the full intention of attending. (on time)

Warfighter Dave has been on fire this salmon season. He had limits on all his Buoy10 trips this year, as well as putting a few salmon in the boat up river already.


you can sign up by clicking the links below.

Friday trip click here

Saturday trip click here


Warfighter Dave:)



Buoy10 Salmon Fishing 8.23.2020

Its Salmon season at Buoy10.  Warfighter Dave is able to host a trip this year so you have the ability to get out on the water for your fresh salmon at the coast. This will be the only Buoy10 trip we could do tis year due to COVID and funding.  There will be more Salmon trips in the future closer to PDX in early September so be on the look out for those as well.

COVID precautions must be in place. If you can not maintain a 6 foot distance you should have some kind of face mask on. This is per the Governors rules not WFO. We do not want to have any issues from people looking down on us for not trying to minimize the impacts of COVID.



Get your Tickets HERE

YNP 2020 Warfighter roster has been chosen! Are you on it?

As you can imagine our Yellowstone trips are a very popular event every year since it is for such a long duration and an all paid event in such a amazing place it tends to get a very large response and even though this year we require you to bring a guest in order to keep the COVID gods at bay it did not surprise us at all to see just as many applicants.

This year we will be working in the Canyon district rebuilding the backcountry ranger corrals and livestock infrastructure in order for the park to operate on a daily basis in their respective districts. This will mark the 12 year warfighter have been in the park rebuilding infrastructure.

Without further delay here is the chosen Veteran roster for YNP 2020

Timothy Harris plus guest

Jeff Hofer plus guest

Frank Mosca plus guest

Gary Holland plus guest

Josh Spano plus guest

Tiffany Baker plus guest

Lori Arndt plus guest

Eric Koppel plus guest

Mike Hergenroeder plus guest

Dwight Blackman plus guest

Congratulations to those Warfighters who have been chosen and watch your inbox for more info and directions. For those who were not chosen this year don’t let that stop you from signing up in the future, our methods are random and we never know who will be going.

Your Friday holiday weekend safety brief.

In order to take you back to the days of Front line leaders barking at you for an hour and standing in formation before a LeMans style race start to your POV’s and racing to get off post we though we would give you a familiar taste of what you are missing this weekend and some of you are still going through.

  • Don’t add to the population
  • Don’t take away from the population
  • Stay out of the hospital, The newspaper, and Jail
  • If you do end up in jail, Establish dominance quickly
  • No Drinking and driving, period!
  • Drugs. Seriously, Don’t.
  • Adult decisions have adult consequences.
  • Wear your reflective belt
  • Don’t forge government paperwork
  • Don’t trash your barracks
  • Don’t sleep with everyone you can, Privates. Remember, STD’s aren’t like Pokemon; you don’t have to catch em all
  • If you wind up in the housing area with a female, run. Only two females live there; wives and underage daughters.
  • Do not assemble an improvised explosive device in the trunk of your POV over in the holdover parking lot and blow your finger off
  • Drinking, Driving, Swimming, and Having sex: doing two or more at a time is dangerous. If you do all four, I want a picture monday! Fallout

Oh and this happened, We made national news this weekend, share it around, and help us earn some donations because this RONA virus has been cramping our style fo sho! Move out, draw fire……

Shad Fishing in Oregon City this Thursday and Friday

Welcome back to the boat. Warfighter Dave is going to be hosting 2 days of Shad fishing in Oregon City. Sorry for the last minute notice but we have been given the COVID go ahead and are trying to make up for lost time.

All of the Governors rules must be followed, but we feel we can do this while having a good day on the water.

Shad fishing is a great way to introduce new fisher-people to the sport as well as having some of the best views in the area.

If you have ANY symptoms of being or feeling sick, please avoid signing up. We want to be able to continue doing trips.


Register hereIMG_7480-2


Warfighter Dave:)

NorCal Hog hunt Drawing!

We are collaborating with our dear friends at Field of dreams, Inc in northern California to be able to provide a free of charge fully guided and outfitted Hog hunt in Colusa county California. Why?

Because we feel nonprofits should work together for the greater good of serving veterans and support each other as part of their mission!

About Field of Dreams:

Field of Dreams is made up of an extremely dedicated group of men and women who love the outdoors, and want to share their wealth of knowledge and means of opportunity with others. We’re incredibly grateful to be able to give back to members of the military, their families, and special needs kids in this way.

Hunt details:

The Hunt will be a weekend in between Mid June and the 1st week of September. In order to be eligible to draw for this hunt, the veteran must be able to have or hold a hunting license and be available for the hunt within 2 weeks’ notice. Any Veteran can apply and we will provide transportation from central Oregon to the hunt location and back along with the costs of food, lodging, hunt/tag fees and provide a weapon if needed. We will be hunting off UTV’s in open terrain in a spot and stalk format.

Taxidermy fees are not provided.

We will draw the hunt winners in mid may. Be sure to sign up at the bottom of the website to get notified of all of our trips and offerings.

Jump over to our Eventbrite to get your application in and get a chance at one of three open seats for this epic trip