2022 ODFW and Warfighter Outfitters Waterfowl Hunt

ODFW has offered to partner with Warfighter Outfitters for the second year in a row to offer up this 1,788 acre parcel to Veterans for a day of learning, hunting, and sharing a day with fellow Veterans on this historic piece of hunting land that offers a chance at many waterfowl species.  If you attended … Read more

Charity Poker Night

Warfighter Outfitters / VFW / VB40 / Team Overland are hosting a poker night to help support getting Veterans out on guided trips at no cost to them. 100% of the proceeds will be going to getting veterans on trips. we are very grateful the VFW has agreed to host this event. tournament style no … Read more

Veterans Campout Weekend

Warfighter Outfitters / Team Overland / Veterans Back40 Adventures is hosting a free campout weekend. We are attempting to host a trifecta of all our organizations skillsets together in 1 spot. Boats, Bikes, and Overland rigs all together to host a nice weekend getaway for Veterans and their families to relax and enjoy themselves. If … Read more

North Umpqua Whitewater trip

Full day of class 3/4 whitewater rafting on the North Umpqua River. Warfighter Outfitters is hosting a free trip for Veterans to have a full day on the water with Warfighter Dustin. He and his crew are well trained whitewater guides that want to share the experience with you. Please only sign up if you … Read more

Holiday messages from the crew

It’s been a year for sure, but all of you made it happen and we are stoked for what’s to come. From all of us at Warfighter Outfitters, Team Overland, and Veterans Back 40 Adventure have a great holiday and new year.

Portland VA podcast topics

We need your input! We are going to be given the opportunity to sit down with the portland VA director and some of the department heads in a couple of weeks and are looking for your input on questions and topics you wish to hear about. Drop us a line at warfighteroutfitters@gmail.com so we can … Read more

Battle Buddy Drive-by

Warfighter Outfitters is hosting a Battle Buddy Drive-by to check in on a fellow house bound Veteran. We will be meeting up at the old Albertsons parking lot at 11:30 on November 14th. We will conduct a short convoy to Prescot & 76th St. to do our battle buddy check-in, and then we will double … Read more

Warfighter Meet and Greet

from 13:00 to 16:00 Warfighter Outfitters will be at @curtsdiscountshooterssupply with the last of our swag for the year.HoodiesShirtsHatsPatchesWhat we have will be it for the year. This will be first come first serve. If you would like to help get Veterans out on the water this is a great way to help us out. 17843 SE … Read more