CVMA 29-4 Supports Warfighter Outfitters




The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is comprised Combat Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who ride motorcycles as a hobby. It’s mission now is to support and defend those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Their focus is to help veteran care facilities provide a warm meal, clothing, shelter, and guidance, or simply to say “Thank You.” and “Welcome Home.”

The membership is comprised of Full Members ( those with verified combat service ) and Supporter Members ( those who have non-combat military service, and have a sincere dedication to helping veterans ). They have members from nearly all 50 states and living abroad. Many members continue to serve in our Armed Forces, with several serving in combat areas now.

They sponsor and/or participate in many motorcycle-related charity events each year, and as a non-profit organization, donate to various veteran care facilities and veteran charities.



The CVMA 29-4 Chapter of Lebanon Oregon recently rode and met in Sisters to vote on donating hard earned chapter proceeds to Warfighter Outfitters. The motion was passed and a $500 dollar check was presented to help disabled veterans get out on various trips through the month. This money will be used on the only major expenses of food and fuel.

Chapter Commander, Ryan “Tommy boy” Newby said “We chose warfighter outfitters because they are dedicated to helping wounded veterans transition into civilian life.”


Also in attendance at the meeting was the Oregon CVMA state rep, Mike “Hal” Halverson who said “It may be just the single trip that helps a vet turn a corner to something positive”



If you are in the Pacific West you are invited to join on the 3rd annual SGT. Kevin Ross Memorial ride silent ride with CVMA on July 22. This ride meets all over the Pacific Northwest and ends at the Stonehenge memorial in Goldendale WA. to raise support and awareness for PTSD



If you would like to know more about CVMA in your area you can go to the National website at


Billy Chinook Kokanee and Bull trout report.

We have been on the water with the new sled over the last 4 days of solid fishing all through the day and here is what we found.

According the the Almighty solar lunar tables that we follow like the bible it’s probably the worst days to be on the water for the month but we would rather be out than be sitting at home in the hot weather.

The Kokanee are plentiful but small on the Metolious arm around the algae line and above. They are all about 10 inches max in length right now but will be decent sized soon. We estimated we were catching a koke every 4 or 5 casts with the jigs and spinners. trolling wasn’t as effective since the boating pressure was pretty tight. It was definitely the best fishing at dawn and evening with a substantial slow down during the heat of the day.

The bull trout population is alive and well and fishes well about the same time frames of morning and evening. We were successful with plugs, and jointed lures along with a few takes on the trusty crad rapala. The Bulls ranged from 12 inches to one fish at 24″ on a plug in 12 feet of water just before dark while anchored.


Next up for us will be Detroit, Odell and Wickiup and a dash of Deschutes steelheading.






Shortbus Flashers comes on board for the vets!

We already use them since they are so deadly but now we have factory support from local flasher wizard JT Goulet right here in Oregon!

If you have fished with us before in the past you know how the names of these brilliant looking and working flashers really stick out in your memory which is great for a bunch of War beaten brain like ours.

We cant be happier about this because it just means more rod take downs and more fish in the nets for you Warfighter’s that come along for the ride. This also means that the money we save can go to more Fuel and food for more trips to get more Warfighter’s on the waters. Now we have the trifecta of deadly fishing support in our boats. Shortbus flashers with Brads killer gear and Pro Cure scents and baits. It is going to be a bloodbath.


Be sure to go the Shortbus Website and check out some of the great names of the pieces of craftsmanship. We guarantee you will get a couple chuckles. Be sure to like them on Facebook if you haven’t already.

From all of us at Warfighter Outfitters we sincerely thank you JT and Shortbus Flashers!




George C. Lang award for Courage


Sisters veteran honored in New York City

By Craig Rullman

Brett Miller of Sisters has been honored by the Wounded Warrior Project as the recipient of the George C. Lang Award for Courage.

The prestigious award, presented at an event in New York City, was founded in memory of George Lang, a Medal of Honor recipient who passed away in 2005. It is bestowed upon an individual who best exemplifies the spirit and virtue of Lang, who was a humble yet unyielding advocate for all veterans, particularly those with disabilities.

Although Lang shunned the spotlight, preferring to work on behalf of his fellow veterans in anonymity, his service both during and after the Vietnam War merited public acclaim and recognition. He never stopped supporting his fellow veterans, and took the time to visit wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, hoping these young men and women would draw strength from his experiences in adjusting to and living with a combat-related disability.

Lang epitomized what it meant to be a wounded service member, broken in body but not in spirit.

Miller, who was severely wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq and spent over three years in hospital recovering, founded the highly successful Sisters-based nonprofit Warfighter Outfitters, whose mission is to take disabled veterans out hunting, fishing, and on engagement trips where they help make infrastructure improvements in places such as Yellowstone National Park, or Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

Warfighter Outfitters served more than 2,000 disabled veterans last year, and has been instrumental in helping veterans adjust and adapt to both physical and psychological injuries sustained in combat.

At the black-tie event, which was attended by numerous celebrities, professional athletes, and hundreds of veterans and their families, Miller was presented the award by Brian Kilmeade of Fox News, and retired Lieutenant General Michael Linnington, CEO of the Wounded Warrior Project.

In his remarks, Kilmeade told the assembled that Miller best represented the true heart and spirit of the Wounded Warrior Project’s iconic symbol, “The warrior being carried to the warrior carrying others.”

Taking the stage to thunderous applause, Miller captivated the audience with a powerful acceptance speech.

“I am among giants,” Brett told the crowd. “The Wounded Warrior Project’s vision is to honor and empower. I don’t think anyone has been more honored or empowered than myself.”

Referring to the fact that he sold his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to found Warfighter Outfitters, Brett said, “What I thought was a personal sacrifice ended up being a savior to me because I learned more in the last several years of guiding disabled veterans than I could ever learn. And the only reason I was able to do that is because the Wounded Warrior Project honored and empowered me.”

Miller went on to thank many of the people who have assisted him along the way, including his long-time girlfriend Brook Wolfe, who was in attendance. After the ceremony, the couple spent several days touring many of the nation’s historical sites and monuments in Washington, D.C., Mount Vernon, and elsewhere.

Jama Boats teams up with Warfighter Outfitters For a new Jet sled!



Wayne Holmes of Jama Boats INC. has eagerly and graciously teamed up with Warfighter Outfitters to get us set up with a custom sled for 2017.

To explain Wayne’s enthusiasm and personal sacrifices for this project is simply an understatement. When word got out on the Facebook group Aluminum boats NW  that we were looking for a used jet sled to fit our growth and budget he hit us up and expressed his interest from the start. Wayne wasn’t able to build a boat from scratch on our budget but he didn’t let that stop him. He told us to hang tight while he made some calls and after a couple days he hit us back with an option that was too good to turn down.

He bartered with a previous customer of his who had a barely used boat commissioned from the year before and offered to make it work for us at the price we could afford. Most would think the attention to detail would stop here and simply would be happy ending to the story, well not even close.

Wayne then has taken the boat in his shop and completely cut out the transom, floor, and bottom then welded in a tunnel and new transom and is fitting the outboard with a jet, all on his own dime and time so we can run purpose built sled to run Disabled Veterans on the rivers. He is also adding in a davit for crab pots and lifting power chairs over the side for our Warfighters on wheels. This boat will have 6 very nice suspension seats on boxes and will last us for years to come. Not to mention he called all over the country to find the only outboard jet AR pump available that will fit our outboard.

We cant thank Wayne enough for stepping up to support us and the Warfighters we serve. Thank you Wayne! We are looking forward to getting this sled on the water and getting some great video of this beauty in action.

The boat specs are as follows.

24′ Jama Fury
Mercury optimax 225hp tiller
Mercury 9.9 pro kicker
Lowrance HD7 electronics
12 Degree hull with tunnel
Reverse chines
Splash guards
4 lifting strakes
6 Seats on boxes
Dual washdown stations
Dual bilge pumps
Auto (photocell) LED nav/docking lights
15.5′ Dual entry, top loading rod lockers
55 gal stepped fuel tank
Hot water sink
Miller sliding rails
LED deck lighting
Lee lock anchor system
Flush (snag free) tie off cleats
Garmin TR-1 Auto pilot
King tandem Salt water trailer


First trip into the high country!

After the snow drifts melted away and clearing some trees to get the boat to the water we were able to get into one of our very favorite super secret high cascade lakes for some fishing this weekend. 

We grabbed two local vets to get the boat in and run some rods so we can see what’s working for future trips.

We talked a few browns to the boat and spent a few hours getting a feel for what the water conditions have in store for the year. Our electronics were picking up the Kokanee schools and showing great fishing down deep.

If you are interested in these fun day trips for monster browns hit us up at