As a 501c3 public charity, We strive to be as transparent as possible to the community. Even though this information is public we don’t think you should have to go digging for it.

As we get financial tax records and documents we post them here, year by year for all to see. We will not only post our tax returns and records, but we go the extra mile and post our profit, loss and balance sheets. All of our financials are prepared and executed by a third party public accountant at Capstone Certified Public Accountants LLC

If a certain year is not shown it is because a post card was filed in place of a form 990-n since we had less than the maximum amount of Income required to Required to file Form 990-N (less than $50,000 per year)


2016 990

2016 CT-12

2016 Profit and Loss

2016 Balance Sheet

2015 Profit and Loss

2015 Balance sheet

2015 CT-12

2014 CT-12



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