Tracked Jeep Cherokee

This rig gets the most attention and everybody wants a ride in it. We use this rig for winter ice fishing trips and off season high country predator hunts. it will do 55 on the asphalt and has not been stuck yet. (yes we have tried). We can cram 5 Vets in this beast and scream up into the snow laiden timber while being warm, dry and having a conversation. It beats a snowmobile in just about every aspect. in fact we have rescued 3 sleds with the jeep since we have been operating it.

This video got over a quarter million views on our facebook page.

[wpvideo CsmmF6wN]

We have pulled out so many stuck vehicles in our area it is really untold at this point. The local towing companies have our number on speed dial during the winters because we are the only asset that can do the job. We simply call up a couple local veterans to join us on each recovery and have a great time doing it for donations. We have recovered garbage trucks, tractors, snowmobiles, snow cats, travel trailers, RV’s and even logging equipment. Here are a few photos fro our recoveries.