With a LS3 kodiak V8 and Hamilton pump our Precision weld jet boat gets up to 50mph on the flat and can cruise up Hells canyon with ease. This boat runs our larger trips with up to 6-8 occupants for Salmon, Kokanee and steelhead and will also support our Elk hunts on the snake river. State of the art electronics fill this craft with the technology to handle any body of water or scenario. With a full alaskan bulkhead and sliding read door you can stay warm and dry in the worst of conditions while fishing your heart out in some of the most epic scenery. This boat is a stick steer method of steering which enables it to “swim” up rivers in a more efficient manner when navigating large class river swells and rapids. With full air ride suspension seats and awesome sounds system there is nothing short of comfort and fun in this boat. With 4 Cannon digitroll automatic downriggers integrated with the boat electronics this machine will simultaneously adjust trolling depths to the bottom or water temperature while staying on a plotted course and steady speed with any user input. We can fish 8 rods at once.