17′ Pavati Drift

The “Cadillac” of drift boats, Our custom built Pavati feature 3 doors in the sides for easier access in and out of the boat when fishing and landing fish from the boat. it has seats for 4 clients and 1 guide and includes a pizza oven in the bow of the boat. That means warm cinnamon rolls for breakfast and hot pizza or french dips on those cold steelhead days. The seats are as comfortable as it gets and the bottom of the boat is a full UHMW bottom that glides effortlessly and silently along even the shallowest of rivers. with full gear and 5 fisherman in this boat it only drafts 7 inches for some amazing river access. This boat has seen more disabled veterans than any other in our fleet, over 2,200 as of 2016 to be exact. It has been our bread and butter float for so many and continues to be a main staple of our rigs.