Jonathan Santiago is a Central Oregon native and board member for Warfighter Outfitters. Having grown up in beautiful Sisters Oregon, Jonathan was able to experience the immense fishing and hunting opportunities’ the State of Oregon provides. Upon graduating from Sisters High School in 2006 Jonathan enlisted in the Air Force. After completing the USAF Security Forces (Military Police) Academy, Jonathan went on to his first assignment at Mountain Home Air Force Base Idaho –where he would soon deploy as part of the greater Operation Iraqi Freedom troop surge of 2007.

Between 2007 and 2009 Jonathan served multiple tours in Iraq and Northern Africa – often backfilling over tasked U.S Army units. In 2008 Jonathan was serving as a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) Designated Marksmen in central Iraq where his squad was responsible for the capture of 3 high value individuals, multiple raids, and participation in joint operation — Shamrock Shake. In 2010 Jonathan was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, and his joint force experience led to him to become an Integrated Defense Instructor at the Silver Flag Alpha Regional Training Center in Nevada.

In 2013 Jonathan separated from active duty and returned to Oregon where he is currently finishing his Bachelor degree in Political Science at Portland State University. Jonathan’s time in school has given him insight into the often confusing VA educational benefit system, and he enjoys helping separating veterans’ get on target to achieve the most out of their education benefits. In his free time Jonathan enjoys the outdoors, Shooting, fishing, hunting, and anything with wheels.