About us

Warfighter Outfitters Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit guide and outfitter comprised of a full Veteran board of directors and guides that have made a point of serving our nation’s veterans through no charge guiding and outfitting adventures with the philosophy of veterans helping veterans through fishing and hunting and engagement opportunities with Team Overland and Veterans Back 40 Adventures.

Our Mission is Veterans helping Veterans on the waters and beyond.

In three major aspects Warfighter Outfitters provides absolutely free outings and excursions to disabled veterans of any conflict and campaign on Hunting, Fishing, and Engagement opportunities such as Team overland and Veterans back 40 adventures. Trips can be as many as 60 Veterans at once in our engagement trips working in service projects in our national parks to simple 2-3 Veteran sized groups in small fishing day trips.

Warfighter Outfitters has no physical office or paid employees and is 100% volunteer-based. We feel this gets more funding to getting crucial engagement trips for Veterans that need dire support in their transitional phase to find their “New Normal” of daily life.

Our philosophy is if the Veteran can get here, we will get them out on our trips. The trips we provide for veterans have a regular market price tag from a minimum $200 per person on our fishing trips and up to $7,000 dollars per person on some of our hunting trips. In order to keep our costs low and provide as many veterans as possible with these opportunities, we do not pay for travel and accommodations for most of our trips. This enables us to get our costs per veteran down to $10-40 dollars per head. We may at some point provide travel and lodging when we have enough financial support but for now, we have more veterans to engage than we have the funds for.

We operate every day all year long. Its what we do full time. As of the close of the 2019 seasons, we have served over 5,000 Disabled Veterans through our trips. And we personally know each of them by name and have continual contact with all of our trips recipients to check on their well-being.

Most of our investment is tied up in our equipment and nearly all of our costs go to Fuel, Food and equipment upkeep such as tires and maintenance intervals. All of our equipment has been purchased with grant money at used or below retail values and provides crucial roles to our outings. Safety is paramount to us and having the right gear and equipment is not only the key to our safety track record but also the comfort and overall experience our Veterans have.