Veterans Campout Weekend

Warfighter Outfitters / Team Overland / Veterans Back40 Adventures is hosting a free campout weekend. We are attempting to host a trifecta of all our organizations skillsets together in 1 spot. Boats, Bikes, and Overland rigs all together to host a nice weekend getaway for Veterans and their families to relax and enjoy themselves. If this sounds like an event that you would enjoy please sign up, but if you sign up we are expecting you to show up. If for any reason you need to cancel please cancel your ticket right away so another Veteran family can make it out.

Warfighter outfitters will have boats on site for the opening weekend to fish, we are hoping that the weather will cooperate and it will not be snowing. Other activates are more weather dependent so we are waiting to see how mother nature will act.

Sign up below with this link.