Waterfowl Hunting on Private trip Hosted by ODFW and Warfighter Outfitters

In this workshop you’ll learn duck hunting basics from ODFW staff and experienced local hunters. The morning will be a brief shotgun skills class and intro to duck hunting, followed by a live hunt at EE Wilson Wildlife Area. During the morning hunt, you’ll get fast-paced and hands-on training. After the hunt, we’ll, learn about waterfowl habitat and behavior, field dress ducks so that they are ready for cooking and discuss next steps you can take to start hunting ducks in Oregon.

This workshop is designed for new hunters – or people who have experience hunting other species but want to add duck hunting to their skill set.

Duck hunting is an authentic outdoor experience and classic connection to a sustainable, wild food source. Register today for a fun-filled morning on the duck pond. We have open spots for 10 Veterans. This has been a long time in the making with ODFW.