Battle Buddy Drive-by

Warfighter Outfitters is hosting a Battle Buddy Drive-by to check in on a fellow house bound Veteran. We will be meeting up at the old Albertsons parking lot at 11:30 on November 14th.

We will conduct a short convoy to Prescot & 76th St. to do our battle buddy check-in, and then we will double back to Prescot to make our way to Cascade station via 82nd Ave. We could do lunch, but in multiple groups due to covid restrictions. Famous Dave’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and a few other options all share the same parking lot.

The Veteran we are checking in on is house bound due to Mesothelioma caused by Asbestos exposure during her deployment in 2009.

From Katy the Veteran we will be checking in on.

“I was a medic in the 437th Ground Ambulance Company during my deployment (volunteered to go) and part of the 852nd medical care detachment during the rest of my enlistment. For my deployment, the unit was tasked to provide Emergency Medical Services in every FOB and station where there was a semi permanent presence of soldiers, Marines, Navy or airmen was mostly at Arifjan and SPOD (Sea Port of Embarkation and Debarkation). SPOD is where there is a ton of asbestos and where I was exposed to it.”

Having the ability to do a buddy check can mean so much more than most even know. Lets show our support to a fellow Veteran that has not been able to leave the house for a long time.