YNP 2020 Warfighter roster has been chosen! Are you on it?

As you can imagine our Yellowstone trips are a very popular event every year since it is for such a long duration and an all paid event in such a amazing place it tends to get a very large response and even though this year we require you to bring a guest in order to keep the COVID gods at bay it did not surprise us at all to see just as many applicants.

This year we will be working in the Canyon district rebuilding the backcountry ranger corrals and livestock infrastructure in order for the park to operate on a daily basis in their respective districts. This will mark the 12 year warfighter have been in the park rebuilding infrastructure.

Without further delay here is the chosen Veteran roster for YNP 2020

Timothy Harris plus guest

Jeff Hofer plus guest

Frank Mosca plus guest

Gary Holland plus guest

Josh Spano plus guest

Tiffany Baker plus guest

Lori Arndt plus guest

Eric Koppel plus guest

Mike Hergenroeder plus guest

Dwight Blackman plus guest

Congratulations to those Warfighters who have been chosen and watch your inbox for more info and directions. For those who were not chosen this year don’t let that stop you from signing up in the future, our methods are random and we never know who will be going.