Your Friday holiday weekend safety brief.

In order to take you back to the days of Front line leaders barking at you for an hour and standing in formation before a LeMans style race start to your POV’s and racing to get off post we though we would give you a familiar taste of what you are missing this weekend and some of you are still going through.

  • Don’t add to the population
  • Don’t take away from the population
  • Stay out of the hospital, The newspaper, and Jail
  • If you do end up in jail, Establish dominance quickly
  • No Drinking and driving, period!
  • Drugs. Seriously, Don’t.
  • Adult decisions have adult consequences.
  • Wear your reflective belt
  • Don’t forge government paperwork
  • Don’t trash your barracks
  • Don’t sleep with everyone you can, Privates. Remember, STD’s aren’t like Pokemon; you don’t have to catch em all
  • If you wind up in the housing area with a female, run. Only two females live there; wives and underage daughters.
  • Do not assemble an improvised explosive device in the trunk of your POV over in the holdover parking lot and blow your finger off
  • Drinking, Driving, Swimming, and Having sex: doing two or more at a time is dangerous. If you do all four, I want a picture monday! Fallout

Oh and this happened, We made national news this weekend, share it around, and help us earn some donations because this RONA virus has been cramping our style fo sho! Move out, draw fire……