2019 Yellowstone and San Juan NM participants selected!

Congratulations to all the folks below that were selected to join Warfighter Outfitters on our two highlight trips of the year.



The Yellowstone Warfighter roster will be filled with

C.Turner of Idaho

E.Koppel of Mississippi

D.Koppel of Mississippi

K.Dishong of Arizona

B.Manfre of South Carolina

D.Valentine of Oregon

M.Hergenroeder of Oregon

J.Slater of Texas

C.Gassert of Pennsylvania

J.Doughtery of Texas




And the Oregon Warfighters chosen for the San Juan Invitational fly fishing tournament will be filled with



Congratulations to all those who were selected for these showcase trips.

If you were not selected for a spot don’t let this discourage you from applying to future trips, We try to get new folks out on all of our trips every year so it will be unlikely these folks will get to come along on another showcase trip like this.

We will be offering Deschute jet sled fly fishing trips soon so stay tuned for your chance!