Winter operations images at Stephens Creek.

Going into our third year of work at the Stephens creek ranch at Yellowstone, our Warfighter alumni of disabled veterans will have accumulated thousands of individual hours of hard volunteer work into the new steel fences of this Bison operation. Alongside folks from Yellowstone forever and Arch Ventures, this project has been a labor of love for all involved but something has been missing from the equation. That piece missing is the overall goal of seeing it in use as most of the hands that helped shape and upgrade this installation live in places all over the country and most will never see the operation in its entirety. This week we were fortunate enough to be able to witness first hand the final product of all this endeavor in order to share with all those folks that spent long days of sweat equity into the Bison operations of Stephens Creek. This gives those countless veterans and volunteers something to show their friends and family the fruits of their labor and be proud to see such an iconic operation of the west and know that they have been a part of such a grand purpose larger than themselves in Yellowstone. The folks at Stephens Creek and Yellowstone national park again relayed their thanks to our Veterans for their service and all the time and work that they have put into the facility.