Les Schwab supports Warfighter Outfitters in a huge way!

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Over the last couple months or so I have been in contact with the fine folks at Les Schwab tires headquartered here in central Oregon. Probably one of our biggest maintenance costs per year is tires and batteries. Our trucks and trailers put on some heavy miles every week transporting Veterans to and from the rivers and beyond. As a result, we found our costs getting higher as we become more popular and adding more trips. After sitting down in a meeting with the dream team of Les Schwab store owners and managers and corporate executives we were able to share our story and the needs we have as we experience these growing pains.

After about 15 mins of discussion and many questions and answers, we were told that they would be in touch. Well, they recently got back in touch with us to let us know they are taking care of our tire and battery needs for at least 2018. Why is this a huge deal for us? well simply put it is money that will go further for not only our donors but will enable us to add more trips for Veterans.

There is a reason we went to Les Schwab for the needs and it isn’t what you think. We already use and believe in their products and service. Any river guide will tell you that the Toyo range of tires on the river roads are the most bulletproof tire you can throw at the worst conditions possible. In the years we have been operating in some of the worst roads the river canyons in the west have to offer we have yet to have one single flat. Why is a flat a bad deal for us? well, first of all, we are always towing a massive boat and we always have at least 6 Veterans in the truck. So now we have bodies alongside the road and would have to have at least 2 tow trucks to get us moving again and that is a big “if” we have cell reception. But rest assured we have taken the steps to mitigate the problems if we were to get a flat on the river such as our satellite messenger and pre-orchestrated details to the Les Schwab stores and personnel in the areas that we would be operating in such as the Dalles and Madras, when we are on the Deschutes, Baker city and Lewiston/Clarkston when we are in Hells Canyon. This is why we trust and appreciate Les Schwab. They have all the locations, expertise and ability to get us rolling wherever we may be in the western US. And that for us is a huge piece of mind when towing large boats with a truck full of Veterans.

Bravo to all the folks at Les Schwab and their amazing efforts and drive to keep us on the road and getting our Nations greatest resource on trips. Les Schwab is now featured on our supporters page and is a very welcome addition to the Warfighter Outfitters family!