EVO Gimbals provides gear for content.

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Over the last few months, we have upped our game in the content department. In order to broaden our reach on social media channels and to garner more donor support, we have been uploading video recaps of our trips at least once a month and sometimes once a week. But spending this much time behind a camera trying to capture the places and events has shown a few shortcomings to me personally and as a result, losing some very unique footage and stories.


You see it isn’t the easiest for a person whom is half blind, half deaf and has horrible balance and equilibrium to hold a camera steady all day.

Due to injuries, I have a tremble in my hands often and it has been apparent on the cutting room floor when it comes time to edit video. When trying to capture moments in 4 feet of running river water the video comes out poor often. Some will say it is still content but I tend to think that the small things will detur ones opinion of a piece when said and done.

That where EVO Gimbals has come into the picture. After communicating with Peter and Jaymo from EVO over the last couple months they had invited me to their lair of business in Bend. Surrounded by boxes of tech and computers everywhere with the distractions of dogs running through the halls and playing with each other the fellas were eager to sit down and go through the Rage and SS in a way we could get the most out of them.

It felt more like being at a buddy’s house than at a meeting table in a bend tech company and the attitude towards what we do and how they were helping us was very inviting. I tend to gravitate to folks and brands who have a real drive at the personal level and can understand the underdog or may even be the underdog themselves.

After leaving EVO for the day I was inspired by the folks I met, the character of the company and the compassion they put into the customers that cross their paths.

That, in turn, has inspired me to create better content for the audience and followers we have because the content we create and share is not just silly youtube videos. The content we capture is personal stories about very spectacular people doing extraordinary things in their recovery and growth no matter how far along into their post-combat re-integration they are. And if that content is enough to get one donor to send some money or get one Veteran motivated and out on a trip, it is well worth it.

So thank you EVO Gimbals for your support.