2016 Financials and reports


Form 990 image

Every year we want to produce the paperwork that most people are really interested in. And being a public charity we feel the public deserves the right to not only view what is deemed “Public” but we choose to also show our profit/loss statements and balance sheets.

We have all of our accounting done by an independent outside source and we also have all of our legal filings and tax forms submitted the same. This makes unbiased reports and everything out in the open with no discrepancies.

We basically need 54 grand a year to operate and as you can see we came pretty short of that in donor dollars last year but we did get plenty of grant money that pays for our equipment. Nearly all of our assets are tied up into our equipment such as Vehicles, Boats, and gear. But unfortunately, grant money is not meant to pay for operating costs which for us is mostly Fuel and food.


So here is our paperwork for 2016. You will find our 990, state CT-12 and our profit and loss and balance sheets. If you have any questions or comments at all feel free to drop us a line.


WFO 2016 990

WFO 2016 CT-12

Warfighters Outfitters P&L 12.31.201

6Warfighters Outfitters Balance Sheet 12.31.2016