Billy Chinook Kokanee and Bull trout report.

We have been on the water with the new sled over the last 4 days of solid fishing all through the day and here is what we found.

According the the Almighty solar lunar tables that we follow like the bible it’s probably the worst days to be on the water for the month but we would rather be out than be sitting at home in the hot weather.

The Kokanee are plentiful but small on the Metolious arm around the algae line and above. They are all about 10 inches max in length right now but will be decent sized soon. We estimated we were catching a koke every 4 or 5 casts with the jigs and spinners. trolling wasn’t as effective since the boating pressure was pretty tight. It was definitely the best fishing at dawn and evening with a substantial slow down during the heat of the day.

The bull trout population is alive and well and fishes well about the same time frames of morning and evening. We were successful with plugs, and jointed lures along with a few takes on the trusty crad rapala. The Bulls ranged from 12 inches to one fish at 24″ on a plug in 12 feet of water just before dark while anchored.


Next up for us will be Detroit, Odell and Wickiup and a dash of Deschutes steelheading.