Shortbus Flashers comes on board for the vets!

We already use them since they are so deadly but now we have factory support from local flasher wizard JT Goulet right here in Oregon!

If you have fished with us before in the past you know how the names of these brilliant looking and working flashers really stick out in your memory which is great for a bunch of War beaten brain like ours.

We cant be happier about this because it just means more rod take downs and more fish in the nets for you Warfighter’s that come along for the ride. This also means that the money we save can go to more Fuel and food for more trips to get more Warfighter’s on the waters. Now we have the trifecta of deadly fishing support in our boats. Shortbus flashers with Brads killer gear and Pro Cure scents and baits. It is going to be a bloodbath.


Be sure to go the Shortbus Website and check out some of the great names of the pieces of craftsmanship. We guarantee you will get a couple chuckles. Be sure to like them on Facebook if you haven’t already.

From all of us at Warfighter Outfitters we sincerely thank you JT and Shortbus Flashers!