Brads Killer Fishing gear supports Warfighter Outfitters!

As if thing couldn’t get any sweeter this season we recently got word that Brads Killer Fishing Gear is climbing on board our boats this year with support of their amazing and effective line of gear to help us become even more successful on the water with our veterans.

If your not accustom to Brads they are simply one of the most innovative and forward thinking manufactures of tackle in the Pacific northwest and you can always find their products on pretty much every successful guide boat on the waters these days.

We have been using Brad’s Killer fishing gear long ago and have always had great results but now with factory support it means we will have more gear and will be able to afford more trips due to the generosity of the crew of fine folks behind the helm at brads.

We are especially excited to get the boats loaded up with our 3 favorites of all time, the Super baits , Kokanee cut plugs and Killerfish to really put the fish in the coolers.

If your not familiar with the Kokanee cut plugs you should check out this vid to get yourself acquainted before you get on the boat so you will know the drill.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CSdqDjNxaA%5D


We at Warfighter Outfitters really wish to thank the generous and patriotic folks at Brad’s for their genuine support and dedication to our mission of serving our nations greatest treasure of veterans.