Pro-Cure supports Warfighter Outfitters


We were just notified that Pro-Cure will be helping out the cause with huge support of products and discounts. We couldn’t be happier about it.

Unless you have been living under a rock, everybody knows that the only successful method of harvesting fillets for the smoker lies with the secret formulas and winning reputation of the Pro-Cure brand.

For years fisherman across the west have depended on the huge line of always growing and dependable Baits, scents, gels and products that Pro-Cure is always innovating and offering to the angling community while based in our home state of Oregon.

This relationship means several things. For Warfighter Outfitters it means less money spent on products will ensure more Disabled veterans getting out on the waters with our savings. It means our haul rate of fillets in the boat will always be plentiful and abundant. And it gives us a chance to showcase our favorite products from Pro-Cure. We have been using the products for years since it is a common staple for any boat to have but now we have a direct communication ink and support from Pro-Cure itself.

We are very excited to Welcome Pro-cure to our family of supporters and look forward to this great relationship.

You can check out Pro-Cure at https://pro-cure.com/