Our new website is a Memorial to its original creator

We started this blog many many years ago in the hopes we would have enough time to use it to showcase all of our trips and hunts but we spent so much time actually being on the water and in the woods we really didn’t have a ton of time to sit down and put pen to paper and pretty much just relied on social media to tell the story and it worked for a while.

Until one day in December some one dropped us a message and said the website was down and couldn’t find it anywhere. So I went snooping around the interwebs and called the domain folks in hopes of finding the problem but most just couldn’t help me.

Come to find out a good friend and cornerstone of Warfighter Outfitters had finally decided to check out and there wasn’t anything or anyone could do about it. Brian Wilson had been a part of Warfighter Outfitters from its infancy with his creative talent. His graphic designs have been our logos, graphics, and sharp images since we started this endeavor many years ago.

When Brian tragically took his own life he also took most of his work with him. But luckily,  years ago he had sent me a folder for back up use and I was able to recover a ton of images, logos and artwork design and we decided to use it all on this new website venture we have been building from scratch for the last few weeks.

Brian was a patriot, and had a very kind and giving heart and loved to see his work being used for good. So now, as I hammer away at keys and mouse clicks in my archaic fashion of learning to  do web design I am truly learning the value of the late nights Brian put into our old website and all the messages I sent back and forth to fix or change things. He was a patron saint with the gift of diplomacy.


All of the graphics on our new website are the very first original draft logos and designs from Brian’s computer. He knew what we needed way before we could even realize how perfect his designs would be for us even today as we are receiving over 250k hits in a weekend.

RIP Brian “Stinkyboy” Wilson




If you see things over the next week that need to be addressed with the website http://www.warfighteroutfitters.org please drop me an email at bmiller@warfighteroutfitters.org so we can get them fixed. Or if you have any suggestions on content that we should include. We should have everything done within the week. We would like to thank Timmy Crawford at WordPress (who actually lives in central Oregon) for all his hours of help in the endeavor of teaching Neanderthals how to build websites from scratch.